A Lil’ History Lesson

Our playgroup was established in 2015, narrowly avoiding a fate of Yu-Gi-Oh thanks to some quick thinking by the proprietor of a local game shop. Since then, Magic became one of the key ways we stayed close through college and continues to bind us as we navigate the professional world while thousands of miles apart.

What’s Our Angle?

For us, Magic has always been a force of unity. It's about the Gathering, if you will. Whether it was spending each school break whipping out new and exciting builds for a night of Commander or drinking beers around a Battlebond Draft, MTG is always something that brings us together. We've flown cross-country for midnight prereleases, spent hours sifting through collections for hidden gold, even designed our own (and totally balanced) multiplayer format. There are endless tales like this for us, as I’m sure there are for many of you. We want to share those experiences and memories with you and hear yours, all while toasting our favorite beverages.

Countless outlets already exist to get allllmost every type of Magic fix available. MTGGoldfish, MTGStocks, TCGPlayer, Scryfall, CoolStuffInc, and Hipsters of the Coast all provide great content. And while we also enjoy serving up competitive analysis and meta discussion, we really want to focus on providing a window into how we experience Magic and how it has been an outlet of creativity for us. We found that Magic is not only a game, but a way to communicate. It could be explaining your incredibly convoluted and “totally tier 1” combo you assembled to your friends around the kitchen table, or just discussing all the hot spoilers that'll slot into your commander decks around the campfire. These holistic experiences that most people would tell you are their favorite memories of the game should be shared with joy and we want to bring ours to all of you: Best Commanders to play after a night out? Turning National Parks into Precon-level EDH decks? How about ways to keep game nights fresh week after week? Every match and every card have their own stories. We’d love for you to join us in recanting all of them. So sit back, relax, grab a beer and shuffle up!

Our Sources

The Hexdrinkers would not be possible without help from the fantastic people at Scryfall who continue to provide high-res card iamges, fantastic search capabilities, and an easy-to-use api. Thank you.

We would also love to show appreciation for the team at Moxfield for delivering a fantastic deck editor that we end up including in most articles.

Finally, when it comes to card prices and finance discussions we rely on TCGplayer for all our card data. They continue to provide an unparalleled purchasing experience, and are a fantastic sponsor of our brand.

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