Mo' Auras, Mo' Problems (Standard)

19 May 2020 - 5 min read

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Welcome one and all to the first installment of a new series we here at Hexdrinkers have dubbed, On the Rocks!

No frills, no mixers, no long write-up. The decks featured in this series don’t need that. These are simply decks that we want to play and we figured we’d share the experience.

This first installment is no different - Selesnya Auras. Suit up your creatures with only the finest of fineries and then gracefully waltz into the chaos that is the combat step. We have auras that pump, auras that give keywords, creatures that care about auras, creatures that care about enchan-… Ah jeez, I’m monologuing again aren’t I? After I just said no long write-ups…

Just watch the video already. (Chev joins me for this one. If you like this, check out his Selesnya Auras Brawl deck tech)

Vitu-Gucci Flip Flops

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