Week 17 and 18: New Arc, New Extremes

09 May 2021 - 5 min read

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Yayyyyyyy!! It’s a new Arc y’all and it’s time to get crazy! We’ve done a lot of things, hit a lot of different points so far in the Year of Brew. But, now we need to turn it up to 11 and go to the extreme: its the Arc of All or Nothing!

Deck 17: Colorless

image sourced from scryfall.com
image sourced from scryfall.com
image sourced from scryfall.com

For our first deck in this special Two-for-One Special, I’ve called upon my co-founder Chev. Chev is a expert in many things, including the most noodley of boys, the Eldrazi. Which is perfect, because our first All or Nothing is… No Colors!

This is Chev’s personal Kozilek, the Great Distortion deck that has been wrecking havoc on our playgroup for many moons (lol @ emrakul), and that I’ve helped him revise more times than I care to count. He only just took out Ice Cauldron , that was like pulling teeth. The deck can be found on Moxfield here.

King of the Jungle

Deck 17: Five-Color (WUBRG)

image sourced from scryfall.com
image sourced from scryfall.com
image sourced from scryfall.com

Well now that we’ve explored the spooky void that is a colorless commander deck, let’s return to the realm of the sane and living. In fact, let’s rejuvenate ourselves to the max with the second part of our all or nothing… All Five Colors!

Now, as much as I love to give Chev shit about his interdimensional monstrosities, there are some cool and powerful Eldrazi to play with. In fact, there happen to be plenty that Chev can’t play because they have color. So I figured I’d give the Eldrazi a fresh coat of paint with a WUBRG list.

We chose Morophon, the Boundless as a generic five-color catch-all. He reduces all our ‘drazis by at least one, if not more, and he buff them all. Which is sick because we’re focusing on making a LOT of ‘drazis by creating tokens: Eldrazi Spawns and Scions (and yes we’re including Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession cause we can).

All these will help us be aggressive, turbo out a bigger creature, and forego the high power and monetarily expensive suite of artifact mana Chev is rocking (lol). We do retain classics like Urza’s Incubator and Mystic Forge , but Cryptolith Fragment and Chromatic Orrery provide nice inclusions to accomodate our color needs.

Rounding out our sweet of spawners are must-haves such as Awakening Zone , From Beyond , Brood Monitor , and Emrakul’s Hatcher . Perfect to pump up and swing out with a Broodwarden or Decimator of the Provinces .

A few more all-stars we get by adding colors are Elder Deep-Fiend , Herald of Kozilek , and Drowner of Hope , all classics from Eldritch Moon Standard.

Now this deck isn’t nearly as focused, tuned, or powerful as Chev’s… but it is a refreshing take on a tribe classicly devoid (again, lol) of color and thus limited in its scope and playstyle. If you want a nice casual deck to noodle around with (okay I’m done with the puns), this is a great bet!

A Flower in Bloom

Find this decklist as well as the rest of the Year of Brew decklists at the Hexdrinker’s Moxfield page!

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