Week 1: Wizard Aggro with Naban

10 Jan 2021 - 5 min read

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A Resolution of Revolution

Ladies and gents welcome back! It’s a new year here at the Hexdrinkers and that means resolutions. On our New Year’s Podcast, I boldly proclaimed that I would build more decks this year. A deck a week seemed like a reasonable goal, so here I am with my first of 52 decks.

I’m holding myself to this resolution to reinvigorate my love of brewing, to keep my deckbuilding muscles sharp and flexed, and to continue to find new interaction and attempt to innovate. I plan to maintain these principles and push myself outside my comfort zone. 52 weeks give me time to hit every color combination nearly twice over, so no stone will be left unturned on my quest to Brewing Godhood.

Without Further Adieu, Welcome to the Year of Brew!

image sourced from scryfall.com

Deck 1: Mono Blue

image sourced from scryfall.com

I’m starting off with perhaps the most reviled color in singular form, mono-blue. But I solemnly swear that I am up to no good in the best ways, because this is an aggro deck! Hogwarts meets Fight Club when these wizards get into the red zone.

Naban, Dean of Iteration helms our deck as a cheap wizard who also doubles up all our ETBs for our extensive suite of wizards. Some draw us cards, some incapacitate opposing blockers, but they’re all here to rumble.

They also came brandishing the most deadly of weapons. In the deck you’ll find a bevy of swords, armor, and other goodies. The name of the game is attacking, after all.

Lastly, I’ll draw your attention to the fact that we’re playing only two sorceries, one to find a sharp thing to poke our opponents with and the other draw a ton of cards (so we can find multiple sharp things to poke our opponents with AND the troops to wield them).

Revenge of the Nerds

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