Week 6: No Pain, No Game with the Chaotic Kardur

14 Feb 2021 - 5 min read

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image sourced from scryfall.com

It’s week 6(66) of the Year of Brew, so what better week to descend into the depths of Rakdos hell!? This is a quick article for a quick deck. Rakdos doesn’t want you thinking, just go go go!

Deck 6: Rakdos

image sourced from scryfall.com

This deck is all about causing the most chaos and jamming as many games as possible. More magic = more fun, right? Everybody will always be attacking because of our Warmonger Hellkite , Grand Melee , and of course, our fearless leader Kardur, Doomscourge . Everybody will take oodles of damage because of our Dictate of the Twin Gods and Furnace of Rath . And everyone will once again be attacking because we have several cards that either goad or introduce the monarch.

Thank you for coming to our TED Talk. Now go cause some chaos!

Find this decklist as well as the rest of the Year of Brew decklists at the Hexdrinker’s Moxfield page!

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